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Friday, August 11


I know a lot of my crafty friends can help me here.

I'm absolutely intrigued by digital scrapbooking. I've spent hours drooling over kits on different sites, and digital pages that people have created.

I'm at a loss though. Where do I start? What program(s) do I need to have on my computer?

Please help!


Blogger Lauri said...

I'm just starting out so I can't help you much but you need photo shop or photo shop elements. They have a free 30 day trial but the trail version gave me some problems. The full version is awesome~

9:08 PM  
Anonymous Linda said...

Hi Lyndsay,

Go digital! It's so fast & easy...

I create all of my stuff in MS Publisher! I find it very easy to use (might be because I used to be the product manager for Publisher!). I have been using PhotoShop elements for 5 years but cannot put together a page layout there. I think that traditional DTP programs (like MS Pub) are the easiest because they were designed to mix photos & text for page layouts.

I create my pages in an 8 x 8 format because then I can print them off my own printer. Also, I find that the albums are easier to manage from a size stand-point. We can get them from notions...

I can walk you through creating your first page. You do not need to buy any kits to start... there are lots of freebies to play with but you can also just have fun with your photos, some basic drawing tools and the fonts on your computer!

Call me if you need help!


12:41 PM  
Blogger The Heartfelt Greetings Girl said...

Wow, I'm feeling the very same way! Could it be the MN connection, tee hee? I'm in Lakeville, MN and found your blog via SCS. I have been seeing all the awesome digital scrapbooking out there too, and find myself wanting to jump on the band wagon. But my hands are full enough with stamping. I've invested too much in stamping supplies to get obsessed with scrapbooking now! I'll keep checking into your blog to see what you decide on the scrapbooking dilemma/interest!


7:29 AM  

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