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Friday, August 4

Looking better ...

Thanks for all of your kind comments to my previous frantic post. I've been agonizing about it for days. I keep looking at it, and I'm just feeling worse about it as the days go by. So, it's going away this weekend. Don't worry, I'll get some awful pictures to share with you before we paint over the yellow.

My friend Patty is coming over after work tonight and we're going to Home Depot for primer and new paint. I found some pretty blue/turquoise colors on the Behr website that I think will work - Rivers Edge or Cloudless. Just have to see what the colors look like in the store vs. the computer. We were going to try a glaze or technique over the YELLOW, but the more I look at it, the more I just can't deal with it.

I'll do blue with white and silver accents. Maybe some pink. This room inspired me when a friend linked to it a few months ago. I just remembered it when I was looking at paint colors online yesterday - Rivers Edge is what she used on her walls. Isn't it a fabulous room? I feel creative and inspired just looking at the pictures.

Some things I am looking at ...

two of these
with one of these in the middle


one of these ... I can't decide.

shelves like Heather.

I was going to make an IKEA trip this weekend, but Lily really wanted to go with me. She's with her dad this weekend, so I think the IKEA trip will have to wait until next weekend. I suppose that's a better idea anyway - by then we'll be more settled into the new place and I might have a longer shopping list for IKEA by then. :)


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