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Friday, August 4

More planning ...

I'm loving the wall clocks in Donna Downey's CafePress store! I will be ordering one, after I decide which one. I think my favorites are this one and this one. I wonder if I could take the clock apart and spray paint the plastic case silver. Hmm.

I really like the throw pillows too, but I have no place for a throw pillow in my craft room. Yet. :)

Or I could get some prints of a few of those and frame them. Ooh!

Rhonna Farrer has some fabulous things in her CafePress store too. I especially like the peace, live, laugh, love and enjoy the process designs.

Oh don't even get me started on this store! I totally dig the follow your heart, i am, rockstar, be an original, be you, and dream big designs. LOVE them!

Any other cool CafePress shops I should check out?


Blogger Nicole said...

Wow. What fun. Thanks for sharing. Neat idea to redo a craft room with Cafe Press clocks and switch plates. And Rhonna's doodles just rock. :D

6:08 AM  

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