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Friday, December 24

12 Days of Christmas ... Day 12

On the 12th Day of Christmas ...

Santa Fox!
Eek! I just love love love this card. Isn't mister fox just so handsome in his santa hat? And look at his little bird friend riding along on his back. Too cute! Now, I don't know if anyone else has put the santa hat on the fox, so I can't take credit. I do know that I hadn't seen it done and litterally squealed out loud when I realized the hat was a perfect fit for him. :) I was wishing I had a stamp that said Ho Ho Ho, and remembered I had the Yo Ho Ho stamp ... so I made it work! I also used the shadow trick with my Warm Grey No. 2 - just traced around the fox to make him stand out in the snow a bit. And an Onyx pearl on his nose ... hee hee! :)
That wraps up my 12 Days of Christmas blog event. I hope you enjoyed the creations I've shared! Happy Holidays to you and yours ... from me and mine. :)


Blogger Ex-Lazy Girl said...

Thanks for such a great series of cards and other crafty projects! It was fun to visit your blog everyday to see something new!!!! Merry Christmas! -Theresa F.

7:15 PM  
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