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Tuesday, May 6

A little bling ...

Just a little something for you guys today.

I bought these clutches at Target about a year ago. I just couldn't pass them up when they were on sale, and then had to have the pink one for myself when it went on clearance.

The other day, I was wondering how the girls would tell their clutches apart without opening them. I thought of monogramming them, but both of their names start with C! So, I present to you my blinged out clutches. :)

Lily asked if it took me forever to glue all of those tiny rhinestones, but here's my secret: MAMBI rhinestone stickers!! Just peel and stick. Oh yeah!

The picture isn't fabulous - it makes them look like pleather. Haha! They're satin though and they will look great with the girls' short black satin dresses. And the inside is leopard printed! They are by Issac Mizrahi, so they are really nice quality.

Courtney's is the star, Candice's is the martini, and mine is the heart! Cuuuuute, huh?! Geoff was even excited about these when he saw them sitting on the table, which cracked me up. ;)

I've heard from two people that they've received the wedding invitation already. Eek! We're really getting married!


Anonymous Lisa Justus said...

Way cuter than any bridesmaid gift I ever received! Love them! :)

10:21 PM  

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