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Monday, May 5

Hostess Gifts

Does anyone read Danielle Thompson's blog? If you don't, you should add it to your Google Reader ASAP! I find her blog SO SO inspiring. Seriously, her style is just so fabulous, I could squeal. When I saw this entry, I totally stole the rub-ons/jar candle idea. Perfect thank-you gift for my 4 bridal shower hostesses!

It was a little tricky (okay a lot tricky) to get the rub-ons to transfer, but I love how they turned out and had a hard time giving them away!

FOR CUTE, right?! I packaged them up in black/hot pink glittery bags (purchased in the $1 bins at Target a few months back), along with a bottle of Bath & Body Works shower gel. I stamped a little tag, wrote a note on the back, and attached it to the handle with ribbon. Voila!

I have oodles of the rub-ons left because I bought a sheet of black and a sheet of ivory. Anyone have any other cool uses for rub-ons? I want to stick these on everything. The birds and owls just make me so happy!

*coming soon*
- blinged out clutches for the wedding
- wedding favors
- thank-you cards for shower gifts
- mother's day cards


Blogger jenni said...

Rub-ons on candle holders! That's an awesome idea! I wonder if you could use rub-ons on other containers, like jewelry boxes (like those unfinished ones you can paint or cover with fabric or paper) or the base of a lamp...

Also wanted to say how awesome your invites are--so very exciting!

9:10 AM  
Anonymous one and only dawn said...

Super fun idea, Lyndsay! You must be buttah cause you are on a roll!

6:59 PM  

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